People dancing at our Rock & Roll themed event for MS

Christine Wall, Shop Manager and Trustee, along with some of our fantastic volunteers, organised another brilliant summer event, a 50's/60's Rock & Roll event, which took place outside our two charity shops.  There was a Rock an Roll band and people danced, our volunteers dressed up in the period clothes and they looked great. We had a popcorn machine and a kids merry-go-round, as well as a raffle and lucky dip. It was altogether a sucessful event and it raised funds for our charity, which of course helps people with MS by offering to do Gardening, Decoration and other DIY type jobs. We alse make regulare donations to the  BrAMS Centre based in the Brain Cente at Southmead Hospital.

Thank you and well done to Christine and everyone who made the event a great sucess

Donation to BrAMS at Southmead Hospital

The Bristol and Avon Multiple Sclerosis (BrAMS) centre provides dedicated research, treatment and therapy for those with multiple sclerosis in the South West and is based in the Brain Centre at Southmead Hospital.

MS Peoples Help is an organisation that offers free help to people with MS in Bristol & South Glos  by carrying out home and garden maintenance.

Shaun McCarthy and Roger Wall from MS Peoples Help met with Dr David Cottrell, consultant neurologist at BrAMS, on February 3 to accept the donation.  

Over the past two years the organisation have donated £20,000 to the service. 

The money will be used to help fund new research carried out at BrAMS to find new ways of treating MS.  

Find out more about the work of BrAMS

Furniture Donation

MS Peoples Help are pleased to say that we have donated Rest Room Furniture and a Coffee Table to Four Town & Vale Link Community Transport. They are a great local registered charity and wish them all the best for the future.

We always need volunteers to work in the

We have a van and volunteers who can pick up donations or deliver items that you buy. There is just a very small charge for fuel.

We have recently done some great work to the lower shop and thanks to Christine (Trustee and Manager) and some of our volunteerd, it looks fantastic. Come and take a look and we are sure you wll be impressed. Please some of the photo's below:-

People dancing at our 50's/60's Rock an Roll event

Can you help?

18. May, 2015

MS Peoples Help make donation to BrAMS

Shaun McCarthy (Chairman) and Roger Wall (MS Peoples Help Shops Manager and Treasurer) Started the charity 15 years ago and offer free help to people with MS in Bristol, South Glos and N/Somerset by carrying out general DIY in the garden and home. Now Christine Wall, Trustee and Voluntary shop manager works in the shops and arranges new stock and carries out a great deal of ironing. We offer a much used service and build wheelchair ramps, repair fencing, do general gardening, decorating and many other jobs for people you have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We also make donations to the leading BrAMS Centre at Southmead Hospital and on Saturday16th May met with Doctor Cottrell at our charity shops in Thornbury to donate £5,000 to the BrAMS Centre. Doctor Cottrell thanked us for our help and the funds will go help people with the illness. BrAMS offer New existing and new Treatments, Drug trials, Research, a team off leading Specialist Consultant Doctors, MS Specialist Nurses, Physiotherapist and a Psychologist. a big thank you to all donate items to our charity and to those of you who buy at the shops.

You can help by offering to work as a volunteer in our shops, or organise a fund raising event, we can help you with that, just call Roger at the shop on 01454 418144 or 07999508477 or come in to see us, Thank you

The Furniture shop is going very well, if it's in good condition, please donate your furniture so that we can help people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) We have a large van and so we can collect your donations, Thank you.

Come to our both our shops and see the great items that we sell to help people with MS

MSPH helping people with MS today 01454 415532

Maybe you can help?

Unit 9, St Marys Street, Thornbury BS35 2BH  Tel 01454 415532 & 01454 418144

Reg. Charity N0 1098090

The shop helps us to raise funds to help people with MS to get DIY type work done in the home and garden.

If you have any furniture, clothing, bric-a-brac or anything else that you think we can sell in the shop, please give us call or call in and see us, we can collect.

What we can do in the garden 

General gardening and creating low maintenance gardens.

Grass cutting and borders Raised borders so that wheelchair users and those with walking problems can help attend to the garden. Ramps, Security lights. Fit and repair fencing. Also other DIY jobs that may be needed 

In the home General decorating, usually painting walls, ceiling & woodwork. Putting-up shelves, Fitting an intercom or door lock  Fitting grab rails, Plus other odd jobs, ask, if we can’t do it we will saye accessible, brighter home and garden.



  • We started MSPH 14 years ago after two of us who have MS had learned that a service was needed to help people to get DIY type work done in the home and garden.

    Can you help in the MSPH Shop?

    The MSPH shop is our lifeline, we always need volunteers to help in our shop. We sell Clothes, bric-a-and if you can offer a few hours per week to serve customers and label goods, please help if you can, call us on 01454 415532 or email

    The shop helps us to raise funds to help people with MS to have a safer, more accessible, brighter home and garden.

  • Contact 01454 415532 or Furniture shop 01454 418144 e mail

    Over 100,000 people have MS and we do our best to help people in South Gloucester, Bristol and part of N/Somerset.

    Depending on your circumstances and the work that you need help with, we try to help, although we ask you to please be patient and try to understand that we may not always have a volunteer in your area, but will always try to find one to carryout your work.

    If you or someone you know has MS and can no longer carryout jobs and maybe can’t afford to pay a company for jobs which need doing around the home and garden, please call us for an application form, we will then arrange for someone to look a the needed job and we will hopefully be able to help.

    There is no charge for the service that we offer, but ask if possible you pay for or towards materials used and perhaps make a donation, thank you.

  • To donate items to sell in the shop, please bring it to us or call the shop and we can pick it up.

    We have helped hundreds of people and want to continue to help more. Without our your help with volunteering or donating items to the shop we couldn't help so many people and so please help if you can.

Easier gardens

We can cover grass areas with gravel and you might like pots with flowers or shrubs and this will save the regular grass cutting. If we can help with your garden, please call us.

Decorate Bedroom

We can decorate a bedroom, lounge or kitchen, painting the walls and woodwork a new colour will brighton up the room.

What ever DIY job that you would like help with, just call us and and we may be able to help.

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